Meet the Artist

Laura's story...

One of my favorite things to do as a child was look through old portraits. It was always intriguing to me to see people who I had never met, but I knew I shared something special with - we were family. The best way to “meet” someone you never knew is through their own creative expressions - photos, videos, and handwritten words, as these give a glimpse into their personal thoughts.  I enjoyed immersing myself in my family history with items such as these.

 After I was gifted my first camera, I found I loved that I could preserve moments in time and hold them in my hands in a tangible form - a photographic print. I began to document my life with images. The ones I hold most dear are photos I took while in college of my horse, Shiloh, running and rolling in a field. Unfortunately, he died that night in a tragic accident. It made me realize that what I loved most could never be lost because I had those visual memories of him that nobody could take away.

 That's when my photography changed. I had created images for years, but suddenly they all took on new meaning and I moved forward in my artistic journey with this is mind. I began photographing pieces of everything I didn't want to loose or forget and I also began to photograph something I never had before - people, and I haven't stopped since.

 I feel like my art has changed so much over the years, and I'm sure it will continue to. It has been a journey of discovery, but one thing I know to be true - everyone deserves to exist and be remembered, and that is one of the most powerful things photography can offer. I feel intensely passionate about preserving memories and personal history with photographs, which is why I do what I do and what I think separates my photography from other photographer's work.

 People tell me all the time, "Your photography is just different, it has something special about it." I often get asked what it is, and I use to just shrug my shoulders. But now I know, it's because I connect. I connect with people in a way that not everyone can. It isn't something you can learn to do, it is something you just do. I am a passionate, driven person, and my perception of life is what makes my art distinct.


Just some other fun things about me...

I've an animal lover.  (I have 22 mini horses, a dog (or three), rabbit, four cats, and a turtle.)

 I love motorcycles. I own two and love to get out and ride anytime I can.

 I love a good thunderstorm (and walking through a woods after it rains).  If I weren't a photographer, I would want to be a storm chaser.

I enjoy cycling and running.

 I paint.  My art isn't limited to just a camera.

 I am terrified of snakes, clowns, and sleeping people (yeah that's a weird one, I know).

I could eat yogurt for every meal.

Published In

My work has been published in many print and online publications as well as shown in local galleries. Some of these include Child Couture Magazine, Child Model Magazine, Northeast Ohio Weddings Magazine, Akron Canton Weddings, Kid Model Magazine, PopSugar website, and Coordinated Bride blog. I was also named Top 10 Editorial Photographer in 2016 by Child Model Magazine.