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Meet the Artist

Laura's story...

One of my favorite things to do as a child was look through old portraits. It was always intriguing to me to see people who I had never met, but I knew I shared something special with - we were family. The best way to meet someone you never knew is through their own creative expressions - photos, videos, and handwritten words, as these give a glimpse into their personal thoughts.  I enjoyed immersing myself in my family history with items such as these.


After I was gifted my first camera, I found I loved that I could preserve moments in time and hold them in my hands in a tangible form - a photographic print. I began to document my life with images. The ones I hold most dear are photos I took while in college of my horse, Shiloh, running and rolling in a field. Unfortunately, he died that night in a tragic accident. It made me realize that what I loved most could never be lost because I had those visual memories of him that nobody could take away - something that not even my mind would always be able to preserve.


That's when my photography changed. I had created images for years, but suddenly they all took on new meaning and I moved forward in my artistic journey with this is mind. I began photographing pieces of everything I didn't want to loose or forget and I also began to photograph something I never had before - people, and I haven't stopped since.


 I feel like my art has changed so much over the years, and I'm sure it will continue to. It has been a journey of discovery, but one thing I know to be true - everyone deserves to exist and be remembered, and that is one of the most powerful things photography can offer. I feel intensely passionate about preserving memories and personal history with photographs, which is why I do what I do and what I think seperates my photography from other photographer's work.


People tell me all the time, "Your photography is just different, it has something special about it." I often get asked what it is, and I use to just shrug my shoulders. But now I know, it's because I connect. I connect with people in a way that not everyone can. It isn't something you can learn to do, it is something you just do. I am a passionate, driven person, and my perception of life is what makes my art distinct.


Just some other fun things about me...

I've an animal lover.  (I have 17 mini horses, a dog, rabbit, two cats, and a turtle.)

 I love motorcycles.

 I love a good thunderstorm (and walking through a woods after it rains).  If I weren't a photographer, I would want to be a storm chaser.

 If asked what the one possession is I wouldn't give up, it would be my Fitbit.

 I enjoy indoor cycling, a lot.  I enjoy outdoor cycling, a little.  I bike about an hour a day to keep this heart beating strong and to clear my mind.

 I paint.  My art isn't limited to just a camera.

 I am terrified of snakes, clowns, and sleeping people (yeah that's a weird one, I know).

I could eat yogurt for every meal.







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